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Consultant Family & Sports Medicine

Reporting to the Medial Director, you will be responsible for treating patients with disorders with in your scope of practice and specialty as Family Medicine / Sports Medicine Consultant.

The Medical practitioner is required to undertake their clinical responsibilities and to conduct themselves in all matters relating to their employment, in accordance with best practice and relevant ethical and professional standards and guidelines, as determined from time to time by:

  • the Dubai Health Authority code of ethics;
  • the practitioner’s relevant medical college(s) and / or professional association(s);
  • the Ministry of Health of UAE
  • Valiant Clinic policies and procedures

General Clinical Duties

The Consultant will:

  • Provide efficient and effective assessment and management of Valiant Clinic’s patients following accepted professional guidelines and clinical privileges
  • Ensure clinical records are clearly, correctly and accurately written/typed, dated and signed while on duty
  • Work with other Team members to mutually agreed work schedules and management processes, efficient patient flows and meets treatment objectives, in consultation with the Medical Director.
  • Carry out diagnostic tests, investigative and treatment procedures within Valiant Clinic where possible.
  • Refer patients as clinically indicated directly and preferentially to Valiant Clinic specialty teams, wellness navigator and/or the procedural unit
  • See and advise on patients referred by Valiant Clinic colleagues for assessment, within a timeframe appropriate to the clinical circumstances.
  • Promptly communicate to other healthcare professionals any significant abnormalities detected during patient assessment and DHA policies and procedures regarding action
  • Be responsible for the referral of any patients under their care to other centers for specialist treatment when appropriate.
  • Maintain comprehensive and accurate records for all patients seen
  • Provide and document verbal advice to external doctors about mutual patients who telephone for assistance
  • Ensure that referral reports are completed, ideally at time of consultation but otherwise within 24hrs of consultation.

If required to be on-call

If rostered on call, the Consultant will

  • Be available to consult with Valiant Clinic clinical staff by telephone, or be called back to assist the most responsible Consultant or other members of Team.
  • Be required to work with Independent Practitioners, such as non-staff Physicians, Optometrists, Midwives and other Allied Health Practitioners.

Outpatient Department

  • Outpatient clinics will be conducted as mutually agreed in consultation with the Medical Director.
  • The Consultant will adhere to the agreed waiting time criteria for booking of cases.
  • The standards for patient waiting time in clinics will be adhered to.
  • Prioritization will be carried out according to departmental policies, developed under the leadership of the Medical Director
  • Guidelines for the management of patients in clinics will be adhered to.
  • Examine instruments, equipment and procedure rooms to ensure sterility when indicated.
  • Direct and coordinate in-clinic procedural activities with nurses, assistants, specialists and other medical personnel.

Patient Care

  • Patients will be given a full explanation of all procedures and treatments using appropriate terms.
  • Informed consent will be obtained from all patients before undertaking any test or procedures in accordance with the policy of Valiant Clinic
  • Family or significant others will be kept informed, where possible with the patient’s consent.
  • Effective interpersonal relationships will be maintained with staff and patients and families.
  • The Consultant will be familiar with the role of consumer service excellence manager, cultural concerns, patient rights and relevant current legislation.
  • Problems and complaints will be handled sensitively and expediently. Input into complaint investigation will be provided as requested by Medical Director or delegate
  • The consultant will, as far as time permits, be available to assist community groups and specialist societies in health promotion.
  • Assist in the development of policies and procedures for your area of expertise

Quality Assurance

  • Work with the Medical Director to ensure that clinical practice is consistent with Specialist College and national guidelines.
  • Contribute to the departmental clinical quality assurance system, including regular clinical audit, review of patient care mortality and morbidity reviews, audit, and other regular clinical meetings, committees and taskforces.
  • Contribute to the ongoing evaluation of the department’s service as a whole.
  • Contribute to the formal review of medical staff within the relevant Department if required.
  • Monitoring activity to ensure patient safety including JCI international patient safety goals
  • Respond to patient complaints in accordance with the Clinic’s policy
  • Ensure clear communication between all members of the multidisciplinary team and with clinicians from other departments within Valiant Clinic and outside
  • Implement audit, research and patient safety findings as appropriate in clinical practice
  • Maintain confidentiality and objectivity in accordance with medical ethics
  • Record data consistently in the EMR with accuracy according to DHA guidelines.
  • Practice within the area of competence and assume accountability for his/her own professional responsibilities
  • Participate in CME in order to maintain yearly DHA licensure

This section contains a reasonably comprehensive list of the non-clinical duties or other professional activities not covered above.

 CME and professional self-development

 Teaching, including preparation time

 Audit and quality assurance and improvement activities

 supervision and oversight of other service or department administration planning meetings

 clinical pathway development

 assistance with credentialing

Team Work

The Consultant will:

  • Promote effective communication strategies and maintain good working relationships within the clinic
  • Provide guidance and support to clinical staff in order to develop and maintain their clinical practice.
  • Hold regular discussions, where appropriate, with other health professionals to ensure a multidisciplinary approach to patient care.
  • Ensure that clinical staff are given clear guidance and are aware of the expectations and relevant organizational policies pertaining to the Valiant Clinic.
  • Contribute to in-service programs as scheduled.
  • Be available to cover their colleagues when they are sick or on leave (within the constraints of their existing workloads and their own Credentials /Privileges)
  • Multitasking and demonstrate willingness to take on additional job responsibilities when requested

Personal Development & Research

  • The Consultant will maintain competence and keep abreast of any new updates in clinical practice through literature review, attendance at relevant conferences, internal professional development etc.
  • The Consultant will be enrolled in appropriate professional re-certification program/s.
  • The Consultant will be familiar with all modern investigative techniques, and use such techniques where appropriate and affordable.
  • As requested, the Consultant will contribute to the development of relevant departmental / organizational plans, capital budgets, etc. and participate in relevant projects.
  • The Consultant will work with the Medical Director on effective resource utilization.
  • Any plan for new technology or provision of service must be endorsed by Medical Director before progression. This applies to both internal and external service development.
  • The Consultant will demonstrate an awareness of expenditure on supplies and pharmaceuticals and the budgetary implications associated with this.
  • Feedback and monitoring of other clinical staff will occur to ensure appropriate ordering of investigations and treatments.
  • Adhere to established productivity benchmarks
  • Ensure accurate clinical coding and billing for insurance and audit purposes

Job Type: Contract

Job Location:

  • Dubai

Required experience:

  • western trainning /: 5 years

Required license or certification:

  • DHA
Only candidates can apply for this job.
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