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iOS development mentor (English)

Do you love helping others accomplish their goals? Do you dream of helping students find their next job? We’re looking for people like you!

We are looking for freelancers who want to share their mobile development (iOS) skills and knowledge with students between 18 and 45 years of age. You will work at your own pace, and you can have one student, 5, 10, or 20 according to your availability: you decide based on your availability. The best part is that you don’t need to commute anywhere. You can do it from the comfort of your own home or office.


As a mentor, your role would be to support and accompany individual students once per week over videochat in order to help them get the most out of their learning on OpenClassrooms. You’ll help students as they work on the projects that count towards their completion of their learning path. You’ll also be grading the projects that they do. Paths on OpenClassrooms are made up of fully-online courses and projects, and completing the projects allows students to earn internationally-recognized degrees.

You must:

  • Meet your students online once a week and help their plan their learning and coursework
  • Help students acquire specific skills through each project
  • Listen to other students defend their projects (students must defend projects the same that way theses are sometimes defended)
  • Take notes after each session, and keep OpenClassrooms informed of the students’ developments

Why become a mentor?

Mentoring allows you to:

  • Share (your knowledge): you’ll have a clear and direct impact on the lives of your students. For them, their education is a major life decision leading them to their next jobs and to their futures. They’ll be eternally grateful for the help you give them.
  • Earn (money): all mentors are paid for their time. Each mentor earns 35€/student/hour (eg: 15 students = 15h/week = 2100€/month)
  • Acquire (experience): mentors often say they learn a lot from their students. Mentoring isn’t about imposing one’s worldview on others. It’s about knowledge, support, and listening. These are important skills to have!
  • Enjoy (flexibility): mentors set their own schedules. You can have only one student to start and increase to 5, 10, or more later if you want. You can work where you want, anywhere in the world, as the whole gig takes place online.

( )

  • You speak great English, even over video chat, and are able to mentor students in this language.
  • You’re a good listener and like helping people accomplish their dreams.
  • You have a degree (or higher) at the level at which you’ll be teaching. If you don’t have a degree, you’ll need to describe and justify your experience.
  • You’re available at least 1 hour per week in order to mentor 1 student. You can increase that rhythm later if you like (ex. taking 10 students means 10 hours per week).
  • You have a webcam and a great internet connection that involves ethernet (not wifi. Connection issues during videochats are annoying).
  • You must take our course on how to become an OpenClassrooms and pass the course successfully: ( )
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