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Translation Administrative Coordinator

Job Description:
Reporting to the Translation Manager, you will work

under the direction of your Translation Manager to

assist the in-house Translation Team, primarily in the

area of resourcing projects which require external

resources including individual freelance translators,

groups of freelance translators and agencies.

Based on information and instructions provided by your

Translation Manager and Lead Translators, such as named

freelances, required profile, skills, subject matter and

project details, you will contact freelance translators

using the SDL Vendor Database, clarify our requirements

and confirm availability for the specified project work.

You will convey responses and other information back to

the Translation Manager and Lead Translators who will

make the final selection of resources for their


You will be fully familiar with the SDL Vendor Database,

in terms of the resources, language combinations and

subject areas applicable to your office, and the

functions and rules associated with using the Database.

You will be responsible for ensuring that the Database

is kept up-to-date at all times with Booking

information, including when freelance translators are

unavailable for SDL work due to prior commitments,

holidays, etc. You will carry out regular availability

updates of Database resources, well in advance of known

periods when resources may become more limited,

including public holidays such as Christmas and New Year

and the summer holiday period. You will prepare reports

to alert your Translation Manager and Lead Translators

on resource levels in case extra steps are required to

secure freelances for our projects.

You will note any other detail changes, such as address

and technical skills, which you detect while

communicating with our freelances, and you will pass the

details promptly to the Vendor Management team so that

the change can be recorded permanently in the Database.

You will be able to carry out sophisticated searches of

the SDL Vendor Database to ensure that we can match as

closely as possible resources with project requirements.

You will be aware of new freelance resources added to

the Database and will support your Translation Manager

to ensure that we regularly include new freelances in

project teams involving multiple translators. If, prior

to or during any searches on the Database, you are aware

of any resource specifications which may require

significant amounts of extra translators or translators

for unusual languages and subject matters, you will

escalate to your Translation Manager, and the Vendor

Management team as necessary.

Under instruction from your Translation Manager, you

will carry out rate negotiation with freelance

translators for specific projects, ensuring that all

discounts are properly recorded in the Database. If you

become aware of a discrepancy of rates especially if

higher than on the Database, report this to your

Translation Manager and then the Vendor Management team

for resolution. Ensure that Lead Translators are always

aware of median rates for the required specification of

freelance translators when they ask you to contact

freelances for their projects.

When we have finished working with freelances on

projects, you will support your Translation Manager to

ensure that accurate and meaningful performance History

is entered on the Database, as per the established SDL

corporate rule, in order to enable us to use the

feedback to find the right translators for future


You will be responsible for assisting your Translation

Manager with internal recruitment, including placing

adverts, collating responses and CVs, helping to

organize interviews and looking after interviewees

during their visits.

Working with your Translation Manager, you will provide

support when required for project activities such as

file analysis and preparation in SDL Trados, and sending

prepared files to freelance translators.

Key Responsibilities

1. Resourcing projects using external resources as per

specifications from Translation Manager and Lead


2. Updating Booking, Availability and History

information on the Vendor Database

3. Informing the Vendor Management team of any

Database details which need to be updated

4. Notifying the Vendor Management team about new

projects which have specific requirements beyond the

usual scope of the Database resources

5. Checking that new freelance translators are tried

out quickly on live projects

6. Carrying out project-based negotiation and

reporting rate discrepancies to Translation Manager

and Vendor Management team for resolution

7. Carrying out specified recruitment activities for

in-house positions

8. Preparing files and sending them to external


Performance Criteria

1. Projects resourced in a timely manner, using the

best qualified resources to do the job

2. Database information, including Bookings and

History kept up-to-date for any translators

contacted during searches

3. Translation Manager and Vendor Management team are

notified in advance of projects with requirements

beyond the usual scope of the Database resources

4. Rate discrepancies escalated to Translation Manager

and Vendor Management team

5. Use of new translators on the Database

6. Efficient organization of recruitment data

7. Interviews organized effectively, including

managing process, machines, rooms, etc.

8. Accurate file preparation and timely dispatch of


Competences and Experience

1. Advanced verbal and written communication skills

with an excellent telephone manner

2. Ability to prioritize and to work to tight


3. Proactive and flexible approach, reliable and


4. Linguistic background is an advantage

5. PC literate with good experience of MS Office,

especially Word and Excel

6. Experience with Translation Memory tools is an


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