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UAE: Sustainable Public Procurement Consultant

Contract Type

Individual Consultant (Deliverable)


Individual Consultant F

Salary scale

Individual Consultant Scale

Contract Duration

1 Sep 2017 – 28 Feb 2018

Date to close


Ref No

Individual Consultant



UAE: Sustainable Public Procurement Consultant



Advisory Support: Level F


Duty Station

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Contract Length

Start Date

1 September 2017

End Date

28 February 2018



Contract Value(Deliverable based)

Daily Rate

N.A. (deliverable based)

Days Estimated

75 days

Total Fees

Up to $30,000 (dependent on experience)

Specifics of Recruitment

In January 2015, the government of the UAE approved the Green Agenda 2015-2030, a national blueprint for green growth that addresses the economic, social and environmental goals of the country and aims to maintain strong economic growth while preserving natural resources and the health of the environment. As part of the Green Agenda, recognizing the importance of sustainable procurement as the country moves toward a greener economy, the UAE has submitted to Cabinet the Draft Federal Law on Sustainable Procurement that will integrate sustainability considerations into federal authorities’ procurement and encourage the private sector to do the same. Challenges remain, however, chief among them are weak implementation mechanisms and a lack awareness and interest in sustainability among procurement officers

The Global Green Growth Institute

GGGI is an intergovernmental organization founded on the belief that economic growth and environmental sustainability are not merely compatible objectives; their integration is essential for the future of humankind. We work with partners in the public and private sector in developing and emerging countries around the world to put green growth at the heart of economic planning. Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, GGGI has 27 member countries globally.

The United Arab Emirates is one of the earliest founding members of GGGI and is a member of the organization’s Council. GGGI has been working with the UAE government since 2011, supporting the development of the National Green Growth Strategy (NGGS), one of the first UAE’s long term development plans and a truly federal initiative. GGGI supported this effort through providing extensive analytics and jointly organizing and managing the stakeholder consultation process. The Strategy was approved by Cabinet in 2015 and in now in its implementation phase.

Objectives/Purpose of the Assignment:
NGGS implementation and sustainable public procurement: background

As elements of any supply chain are drawn from a variety of sources and processes, the cumulative impact of products and services on the environment can be significant. Many public entities and private companies have ‘greened’ their supply chains due to customer demand for higher environmental standards, leading to many certification schemes, business alliance, and consumer watchdog standards across industries. The concept of sustainable procurement, therefore, can play an important role in making economic activities more environmentally friendly.

The project aims to develop a sustainable public procurement (SPP) plan for the UAE starting from greening the public sector supply chains, building on existing procurement policies and guidelines while benchmarking international best practices. The plan will integrate sustainability criteria into the UAE’s e-procurement process and build the capacity of the government on SPP.

The Ministry’s Green Development Department will oversee the project with the assistance of the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and with the participation of other relevant federal ministries and local entities.

Scope of work

Under the supervision of GGGI, the SPP Consultant will perform the following tasks:

Situation analysis report

(Deliverabel1 ) Analyze the UAE federal government’s procurement process by conducting a rapid assessment of the e-procurement system and procedure of the Ministry of Finance (MoF) in collaboration with the procurement team of the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) and Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI). The Consultant will participate in meetings with MoF, MOCCAE, and GGGI to gather primary and secondary information.

Participate in CB

(Deliverable 2)Participate in a capacity building workshop for procurement officers and managers of MOCCAE, during which the Consultant will present the findings from the rapid assessment of the local procurement process, share relevant international standard and practices (e.g., UNEP Sustainable Public Procurement Implementation Guidelines and Global Review of SPP), and facilitate the discussion with stakeholders.

Policy recommendations in SPP


Guide the integration of sustainability criteria into MOCCAE’s procurement by: selecting several items to be procured before the end of 2017; helping develop the request for proposal (RFP) for integrating sustainability criteria; testing the integration of SPP criteria into e-procurement system; and analyze gaps by identifying potential barriers for SPP implementation and recommending measures to address these gaps.

Consult relevant stakeholders in exploring the potential of utilizing existing procurement platforms such as Masdar’s Future Build


portal and examine ways to integrate the portal into the e-procurement system. The Consultant will also identify gaps and resources required to make the portal applicable for federal procurement.

Sustainable Procurement Plan (Final report )

Develop a plan of MOCCAE’s 2018 sustainable procurement in consideration of the current reporting requirements of the MoF; develop a format of annual plan and monitoring process in collaboration with the MOCCAE procurement team. The plan should build the foundation for the Phase 2 of the project, which will involve the development of guidelines and toolkit, formulation of sustainability criteria, capacity building for other ministries, and monitoring of MOCCAE’s 2018 progress and report to MoF.

Output/Reporting Requirements/Deliverables:
The consultancy contract will be based on deliverables and the contract period will be 4 months. If the consultant is based in-country, working space will be provided at the GGGI Abu Dhabi Office or at MOCCAE’s premises. If based overseas, remote working arrangements can be made, with required travel to be agreed. The consultant will work on the tasks and deliver the outputs as described in the following schedule:

Situation analysis Report (Mid October 2017, TBC,

payment of 20% of the contracted amount


Capacity Building Workshop Report (Sept/Oct 2017,

payment of 20% of the contracted amount


Policy Recommendation Report (Nov 2017,

payment of 20% of the contracted amount


Sustainable Public Procurement Plan (first draft Dec 2017, final report Jan 2017,

payment of 40% of the contracted amount


All final deliverables must be in English, in accordance with GGGI’s formatting requirements, and submitted with complete sets of raw data, research materials, and interview notes.

Inputs provided by government authorities, used for preparatory work with stakeholders and that were developed in consultation with CPF counterparts can be accepted in Arabic.


Knowledge and experience in public e-procurement especially in the context of the UAE and the Gulf region and at least 8 years of experience in relevant area;

Graduate degree in environmental resource management, public administration, business management, public procurement, public policy, or related fields

Strong network with government agencies and the private sector in the UAE

Experience in preparation of development strategies, action plans, policy papers, and the like;

Excellent English communication skills, both verbal and written; knowledge of Arabic is an advantage

Demonstrated track record in completing analytical and technical reports (both qualitative and quantitative) preferably on topics related to sustainable development, economic policy and labor markets

Experience in working with government, international organizations, development partners, and high-level authorities; knowledge of UAE context an advantage

Ability to plan, organize and facilitate stakeholder engagement workshops and to match material and delivery to audience

Demonstrated ability in selecting and applying methods for collecting and analyzing data and evidence to ensure the formulation of robust, credible evaluation findings

Ability to present information, data and conclusion to a variety of audiences

Ability to work under tight deadlines

Excellent analytical skills, critical thinking ability, and data mining skills

Superb writing, editing, and proofreading skills in English, Arabic an advantage


The first portal of its kind to originate in the Arab world, The Future Build assists architects, engineers and contractors in identifying and sourcing green building products and materials that have been independently assessed to ensure they deliver the environmental benefits claimed. It also provides the latest green building news, as well as sustainable procurement and supply chain consulting and training services. To learn more about The Future Build initiative, please visit its website:

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