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Localization Quality Assurance – Common Errors

What’s Game Localization Quality Assurance “LQA”?

Localization Quality Assurance (LQA) is the last stage in the game build-up and preparation process. Primarily, it focuses on linguistic testing and translation quality review but also covers UI/UX evaluation, compliance testing, culturalization, internationalization, functional tests and more.
In short, this job requires a native speaker to verify language used and culture while playing the game to ensure that it’s functioning properly without any errors linguistically or visually.

What does Game Localization Quality Assurance “LQA” include?

Basically, it includes 3 main sections, as follow:

  • Linguistic QA
  • Visual QA
  • Functional QA

What are the most common errors in Game “LQA”?

Linguistic QA Common Errors:

  • Spelling “example the spelling of each word”.
  • Grammar “example verb tenses – present, past, …etc”.
  • Punctuation “example additional space, no point at the end of the phrase…etc”.
  • Incorrect measurement and currency metrics “miles vs kilometre, pounds vs kilogram, USD vs GBP….etc”.
  • Broken language characters “inappropriately displayed letter like Arabic, Hebrew, Polish, Chinese…etc”.
  • Country related errors “irrelevant address, zip code…etc”.
  • Wrong translation Vs original script provided.
  • Not a day to day used language, rather a literal translation which impacts the gamer experience.
  • Partial or incorrect translation.
  • The timing of the voice is inconsistent with the visual display.
  • And…etc

Visual QA Common Errors:

  • Font Issues “Font is too big / too small”.
  • Truncated characters – UTF characters not recognized and replaced by question marks or full blocks.
  • Untranslated or partially translated content and graphics.
  • Compliance – the game looks like it should and the same across PC, IOS….etc.
  • Overlong Strings – an issue that occurs in the translation to some languages, for example, their translation is 30% longer than English so it doesn’t show properly or spreads out of text boxes.
  • UI/UX issues. The text is cut off from buttons or assigned space. Perhaps alternate wording is needed, or perhaps a smaller font.
  • Inappropriate placement of the visuals.
  • And…etc

Functional Common Errors:

  • Performance – the game crashes.
  • Audio – the audio file is corrupted, stops in the middle of the game, the audio is not synced with the visual…etc.
  • Incorrect Text displayed, font, overlapping text….etc.
  • AI behaviour. Non-player characters (NPC) misbehaving.
  • International keyboards – input problems, some keyboard commands do not work as expected.
  • And….etc

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